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    Drigmorn 3 is an advanced Spartan™-6 development board suitable as teaching/learning platform but also for advanced industrial control functions. It designed to support FPGA embedded microprocessors including MicroBlaze™ with supporting features such as Flash, DDR3 and EEprom memory.

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    The Drigmorn 2 is aimed at mixture of target markets including university and college teaching, industrial control, FPGA microprocessor development, and hobby electronics. The Drigmorn 2 benefits for a small size and low power consumption allowing it to operate from a laptop or other USB port without additional power supplies.

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    Merrick 1 is an innovative advanced High Performance Computing (HPC) Platform that is also useful for ASIC Prototyping and Emulation. Merrick 1 offers a market beating cost effective solution in all of these applications. Enterpoint offer a wide range of supporting products and service options for this product. We can also offer a full customisation of...

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    Tarfessock 1 is a Cardbus/PCMCIA style FPGA development board. It can also be used as a support tool for laptops giving them a programming capability for Xilinx FPGAs and also RS232/RS485 serial communications for microprocessor support. Laptop or PC host features like hard disk and Ethernet can also be used to expand the functionality of Tarfessock 1.

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