Larg 1 DIMM Module

Larg 1

Small Form Factor DIMM Format Xilinx Zynq with dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9

Xilinx Zynq FPGA section with 85K logic cells

Linux® operating system support

Processor boot from SPI Flash or SD card

91 pairs of LVDS I/O or 182 single ended I/O

12 general purpose I/O

I2C Interface

SPI Interface

512 MByte DDR3

1 x SPI Flash

1 x 10/10/1000 Ethernet Phy I/F

1 x H/W MAC Addres

s1 x OTG USB I/F

1 x FT232 Slave USB I/F supporting 1 COM port

Reset Switch

1 x LED

1 x microSD® CardSocket

Battery holder

Wide range 6-16V power input (5V possible)

User I/O voltage set by hosting board

JTAG debug available

Larg 1 is a small compact DIMM module supporting a power Xilinx Zynq chip. The Zynq chip has a dual core ARM Cortex-A9 processor combined with a FPGA fabric in a single device offering greater processing capability than the individual elements.

Larg 1 is intended to be used in a host board which would normally contain system specific driver and I/O functionality. The concentration of the complex processing element within the Larg 1 module allows the hosting board to be of a much more simple than it otherwise would be. The time, and therefore the cost, of bringing your system to market is resultantly considerably reduced over a single complete design offering you a competitive advantage over other products in your market.

Larg 1 offers a cost effective solution to small and middle volume products when combined with a hosting motherboard as previously described. Enterpoint can offer a turnkey solution for your system by designing and manufacturing your host board. For higher volumes we can also offer an integrated design by combining the Larg 1 and host board into a single design. Such designs can be offered as turnkey products with Enterpoint manufacturing services or alternatively these combined designs can be manufactured by you under license.