Broaddown 3

Broaddown 3

Broaddown 3 is a product for use in High Performance Computing (HPC) and networking applications. In a PCI Express X8 format the board offers high bandwidth, low latency, data flow to and from it’s hosting motherboard. The product offers the user a working  array of 4 Xilinx™ Virtex™-6 FPGAs together with a further Virtex™-6 supporting the PCI Express and the dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Further expansion of the product is possible using the simple DIL Header on board.

Used in a conventional personal computer the Broaddown 3 can be used like any plug in card and can return calculation performances up to 3000X  that of the host microprocessor.  Enterpoint supplies this product with support FPGA programmed for immediate use. Enterpoint can offer services in generation, or conversion, or IP into user FPGAs. We can also offer a wide range of training and consultancy services in the use of this advanced product.


Principal Features.

4 user array FPGAs – Choice of XC6VLX75T, XC6VLX130T, XC6VLX195T or XC6VLX240T fitted.

1 support FPGA – Standard fit XC6VLX75T. Optionally XC6VLX130T, XC6VLX195T or XC6VLX240T fitted.

PCIe interface with 3.2GBytes/s transmit and 3.2GBytes/s receive capability.

2 Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces

ISE Webpack (free tools) board version available with all XC6VLX75T FPGAs fitted.

Up to 288-768 DSP48E1 (25 x 18 multiplier, 48-bit adder, and 48-bit accumulator) slices per array FPGA.

Up to 93-301K flip-flops  per array FPGA.

Up to 74-241K logic elements per array FPGA.

Up to 156-416 block SRAMs (36Kb) per array FPGA.

Design clocking rates of up to 550MHz.

On card storage of multiple FPGA images.

Single array FPGA reconfiguration possible.

50A core voltage power supply.

Data routing paths between every FPGA and every other FPGA.

Bitstream protection features.

Flow through algorithm processing supported.

Parallel algorithm processing supported.

Hybrid algorithm processing support.

Custom IP supported by Enterpoint’s expert FPGA design team.

Custom versions of PCB and IP to suit  your application.

Custom driver development available from Enterpoint.