Broaddown 4

Broaddown 4

Broaddown 4

Broaddown 4 is a high capability FPGA development board. Based on Xilinx Virtex™-4 devices it offers the ultimate platform for development of FPGA based systems in DSP, Microprocessor, ASIC and Logic Intensive designs. Based on Enterpoint’s Moel-Bryn family philosophy of offering maximum flexibility to users Broaddown 4 is supported by an expanding wide range of add-on modules.

Broaddown 4 is now fully available in all configurations.

Broaddown 4 can take directly on-board 1 or 2 of the following Virtex™-4 FPGAs in any combination LX40, LX60, LX80, LX100, LX160, SX55. Broaddown 4 has 2 Moel-Bryn module positions. Moel-Bryn sockets can support further Virtex™-4 FPGAs or other specialist devices.  Further FPGAs can be fitted in DIL positions and SODIMM sockets if not used for other functions. A Spartan-3 XC3S1500 is also available for user defined ancillary tasks including file management.

X1 PCI-E interface implemented using NXP Semiconductors PX1011A transceiver and interface logic in FPGA. Supports 2.5Gbit data transmission. (2Gbit real rate).  Enterpoint now has a PCIE core available to license with this board.

DDR2 Memory
Broaddown 4 supports for each FPGA fitted a DDR2 SODIMM socket with 2 Gbyte capability. These positions also have alternative uses such fitting extra FPGAs, General I/O and high performance microprocessor.

On Board DDR2
Broaddown 4 now supports 1 off bank of 256Mbit – 1Gbit X16 bank of DDR2 on Device 1. Device 2 (when fitted) supports 2 off banks of 256Mbit – 1Gbit X16 bank of DDR2.

Flash Memory
High density flash memory available for code and data storage.

One 256Kbit serial EEPROM available for each FPGA fitted.

MMC Memory Card
Broaddown 4 has 1 MMC Card slot.

DIL Headers
2 sets of DIL Headers supporting DIL components or modules.

Broaddown 4’s clock system has a sophisticated programmable clock generator structure capable of generating multiple independent frequencies up to 700MHz.

User I/O
Large number of user I/O available.

Power Management
Advanced power management features of Broaddown 4 allow the measurement and control of power rails.

Encryption Key Support
Broaddown 4 has battery backup to maintain bitstream encryption keys.