Milldown DDS1 ChannelCard


4 Channel AD9910 DDS up to 450 MHz output Frequency

Double Low-pass filter reduces image interference

Internal / External Multi-device Synchronisation for precise phase control

0dBm Output with 50dB dynamic Range

DAC Control of VGA up to 250 MHz for precise pulse shaping

On board Clock Synthesiser (35MHz to 2GHz Amplitude Selectable -4dBm to +5dBm)

External Clock Input (1GHz) switchable (-10dBm to +5dBm)

10/100/1GB Ethernet Port

PCIe X 1 Gen 1 Interface

USB Serial Interface (Capable of JTAG Programming)

AMC Double Height form factor

Power Supply options (On board Linear / Switch mode regulators)

Spartan 6 LX150T with 4Gbit DDR3 Memory

Local EEPROM for capabilities storage

Card Presence Detection

Card Location ID for Backplane connection

JTAG Program Source (USB, Header or Backplane Selectable via DIP Switch)

Octal Opto-Isolated Input Port

Octal FPGA Raw IO Port

40 LVDS Pairs High Speed Connectivity via Backplane Connector

3 LVDS Pairs providing Global Clock access to FPGA via Backplane Connector

Octal General Purpose I/O (Clamped) via Backplane Connector

High Speed Transceiver Port available of Backplane Connector

Ancilliary Items

Milldown Breakout1

Single Card breakout / power board

5 x 4 Pair LVDS Connectors

Octal GP Output (3V3 / 5V Selectable)

Octal GP Input (Diode Clamped)

Octal Raw FPGA I/O

PCIe x 1 Port

I2C Voltage monitor

JTAG Access to Milldown DDS Channel Card FPGA

Fan connector for local cooling

ATX Connector for Power from Standard ATX Supply

ATX Supply Power Switch

External Supply from Phoenix for Low Noise applications (12V / 3V3)

On Board 3V3 Switch mode Supply for single 12V Operation

Milldown Backplane 1

Milldown Backplane

(Available for Customer Integration or as a Rack Solution)

Note: Backplane Controller is optional dependent upon customer requirements

8 Slot AMC Style Backplane for Mixed Channel cards

4 Slot Controllers (MCH)

Octal Raw FPGA I/O

On board clock distribution (MCH to 8 Slots)

2 Clock LVDS Pairs per Slot to MCH Connectors

4 LVDS Pairs per Slot to MCH Connectors

2 LVDS Pairs per Slot for Inter Slot communication

8 x PCIe x 1 from Slots available on MCH Connectors

Slot Power Switch and 12V Short Circuit Protection

ATX Power Supply Connector and Power Switch

PCIe 6 Pin power connectors for increased power from ATX Supply

Power terminals for Low Noise Bench Power Supply Operation

Backplane controller Header for Cabinet Control and remote monitoring

Individual Slot Power Enable / Disable from Backplane Controller

Slot Activity Status LEDs from Backplane Controller

Front Panel Status LEDs

4 Fan connectors controllable from Backplane Controller

On board Power Monitoring accessible to Backplane Controller

On board 3V3 Regulators for slot MP Supply

JTAG Slot access to Backplane Controller