Merrick 6

Merrick 6

Merrick 6 is a High Performance Computing platform aimed at desktop, small office and mobile HPC applications. Operating from a single 12V power supply it is based on 6 processing cells combined with a controller FPGA, high speed PCIe interface, Gigabit Ethernet interface and multi-Gigabit Expansion interface.

Merrick 6 Diagram

The Merrick 6 processing cell consists of a Spartan™-6 FPGA paired with 2 DDR memory chips. Enterpoint offers this product with 2 standard cell FPGA options. The first is XC6SLX45 (-2C grade) which is compatible with free Webpack™ ISE™ tools from Xilinx™. The second standard FPGA option is a XC6SLX150 (-2C grade). For applications that need a higher level of hardware optimisation other speed grades and sizes of FPGA can be offered as special builds. Similarly the standard cell memory resource of two 4 Gbit DDR3 chips can be changed either to different sizes, or simply not fitted, for special builds of this product.

Merrick 6 offers selective high speed reconfiguration of a single cell, or any number of cells, within the processing array. This feature is supported with local Flash memory and DDR3 memory directly connected to the Controller FPGA that can be used for processing image storage.

Merrick 6 has 3 high speed interfaces supporting data transfer, system control, and remote processing image storage. The PCI Express interface offers a 200Mbytes/s TX and RX capability. The Ethernet interface supports approximately 100Mbytes/s of data transfer. The Expansion interface can support between 600Mbytes/s and 800Mbytes/s TX and RX depending on protocol used.

Enterpoint offers an IP translation service for this product. With this service algorithms can be converted from a current software implementation, MATLAB™ or other source into a FPGA image. Please contacts for a quotation for this service.

Merrick 6 operates with a maximum power input of 110 watts allowing simple low cost cooling solutions for small and medium sized systems. The Expansion interface facilitates systems of up 1M cells by stacking techniques and allows the use of higher speed networking interfaces that are also available from Enterpoint.

Principal Features.

Processing Cells – 6 cells of FPGA (XC6SLX25-XC6SLX150) + 2 x DDR3 (1GB per cell).

Controller – For fast configuration, data transfer, management etc..

PCIe – X1, gen1, PCI Express interface with 2.5 Gbit/s (raw) data rate. Actual data transfer of 200 Mbytes/s RX + TX possible.

Ethernet – 10/100/1000 Ethernet on RJ45 connector.

Expansion Interface – 600-800 Mbytes/s TX and RX.

Controller Flash Memory – Two 128Mbit quad SPI Flash. Larger are possible.

Controller DDR3 – 0.5 GBytes for configuration or data storage.

Controller Memory Card Interface – Small format memory card supported offering up to 32GBytes storage.

Power Supply – 12V input, 24A FPGA core voltage, 12A DDR3 core voltage, 12A I/O

Cooling – Option fan card available. Optional thermal back to support indirect cooling by ducted air cooling, water cooling and nitrogen cooling.

Custom Versions – BOM customised or full custom versions available.