Lamachan 2

Lamachan 2

Lamachan 2 is a multi-purpose product for use as a development board, and extreme I/O solution, or even as High Performance Computing Platform when using our range of plug in Coprocessor modules.

Based on a PCI Express card format and supporting a X1 PCI Express interface the card allows a large bandwidth for I/O functions but also has the ability to support pre-processing of data or even precision timing of I/O functions or other logic functions.

Lamachan 2 has 266 I/O available for use by add-on interface modules, coprocessor modules, or other functions. These I/O are presented in Enterpoint’s simple DIL Header format while also making available full length power header strips for 3.3V and 0V (DGND).  Approximately half the user I/O are capable of full LVDS functionality and/or LVTTL/LVCMOS usage. The balance of the I/O also support some limited LVDS functionality but do fully support LVTTL and LVCMOS standards.

A wide range of product variants, based on this Lamachan2, will be available to purchase. The first of these is simply as a development board. Standard enhanced products will also be available.

Enhanced variants offering 256 200KHz ADC channels, XC6SLX150 X1 Coprocessors and XC6SLX150 X2 Coprocessors will be available as standard products. These enhanced product versions will include a preloaded FPGA, with windows driver, and user API.

Fully customised versions will also be available and customers should contact us with their requirements. Enterpoint has a wide range of standard add-on modules suitable for use in this product including Ethernet modules, RS232, RS485, opto-isolated I/O, and DAC function and customers can use a number of these together in each DIL Header to make a user customised solution. For more details of currently available modules see Customer specific modules can also be offered as one of our design services and you should contact our sales team if you are interested in this service.

Principal Features.

FPGA – XC6SLX45T as standard. XC6SLX150T version available for applications needing greater processing.

266 I/O available for use in our standard simple DIL Header format.

PCIe interface with 200 MBytes/s transmit and 200 MBytes/s receive capability.

XC6SLX45T board version supported by Xilinx™ ISE™ Webpack™ (free build tools).

Standard enhanced versions available.

Wide range of modules available to add interfaces and functions.

Fully custom add-on module service available.

FPGA capable of containing MicroBlaze™ or PicoBlaze™ processors for pre-processing functions.

Lamachan 2 + 256ADC Module