Drigmorn 3

Drigmorn 3

Drigmorn 3 is an advanced Spartan™-6 development board suitable as teaching/learning platform but also for advanced industrial control functions. It designed to support FPGA embedded microprocessors including MicroBlaze™ with supporting features such as Flash, DDR3 and EEprom memory. Ethernet and USB interfaces provide a high performance communications capability and these features can be further expanded by add-on modules fitted in the DIL Header. The LCD, PS2, switches and 4 sets of traffic light LEDs complete the specification facilitating human interfacing for interactive use.


Drigmorn 3 comes fitted with XC6SLX16-2C Spartan-6 fitted.

Flash Memory

Drigmorn 3 has a M25P128 (128 Mbit) serial flash that is used for both configuration of the FPGA and for user application storage.

DDR3 Memory

Drigmorn 3 has a 1 Gbit, X16, DDR3 SDRAM.


Drigmorn 3 has a 24C16 EEPROM.


Drigmorn 3 has a KSZ8851SNL based 10/100 Ethernet.There is also a unique MAC address chip on board.

Real Time Clock

Drigmorn 3 has a DS1306 real time clock. A supporting battery holder is also provided.

Memory Card Socket

Drigmorn 3 supports a small format memory card.


Drigmorn 3 has 2 PS2 interfaces.


Drigmorn 3 has a 16×2 LCD display. There is an OEM option not to fit this and instead have a IDC 2×34 header allow remote location of the display or other function.


4 sets of Traffic Lights (red, amber,green) and 1 single LED are available to use.


40 I/O that are 5V tolerant and can support 20 pairs of LVDS. Header supports 3.3V and GND power strips allowing multiple add-on modules fitted in the header.

Top IDC Header

20 I/O (3.3V tolerant) are supported on 40 way Top IDC header.


Drigmorn 3 has a FT232RQ interface for simple USB connection to a host PC.


Drigmorn 3 has a 50MHz oscillator on board.


Drigmorn 3 has a 3 axis accelerometer.


Drigmorn 3 has 2 press switches and 4 bit dip switch.