Cairnsmore 1 Support Materials

Cairnsmore 1

Support Email:

Bitcoin Support

USB Windows Driver (Win2000, XP, Win7, Server 2003)   

USB Linux Udev Rules  (Copy to /lib/udev/rules.d and restart udev <service udev restart>)

ATX Power Supplies (We are looking at a number of these that might be suitable with our power distribution board)

CGminer (Windows versions for both twin build and shipping build – reported hash rate isn’t correct on this currently)

CGminer Source – (For both Windows and Linux versions)

Virtual Box Programming Tools – (Very large – 500MB. Allows configuration of array FPGAs and associate SPI Flash)

Twin Bitstream Update (Windows Version) – (Using Virtual Box utility- instructions and bitstream in zip)

Controller For Glasswalker2 Bitstream – (Alpha -Do not use for any other bitstream)

Controller Update Bitstream Rev 1.3 (Now with instructions. Solves a lot of start up issues. Fan failure detection added as well)

Controller Update Bitstream Rev 1.5 (Supports dual board pairing on 1 USB lead using up/down i/f)

Cairnsmore1 Bitstreams and Instructions – (Using Virtual Box utility for reverting to older bitstreams and just other info)


Cairnsmore1 Array FPGA Pin Constraints File




DIP Switch Settings


Cairnsmore 1 Initial Shipping Build DIP Switches

Cairnsmore 1 Twin Build DIP Switches