XC3S3400A Coprocessor Board

Board Features
The XC3SD3400 coprocessor is a low cost FPGA module aimed at application acceleration. Based on a Xilinx XC3SD3400A FPGA with DSP support features. The module is available in a range of pinning options including one that allows the module to be plugged into Enterpoint’s standard DIL Headers to supplement FPGA resources.

Xilinx™ Spartan™ -3A XC3SD3400A FPGA.

SPI Flash
A 128 Mbit SPI Flash is available for configuration and code storage.

External JTAG and SPI Interface
The module includes features to allow remote loading of the FPGA or SPI Flash. The JTAG chain can also be switched to allow for external driving

3 LEDs available to use as indicators.