Raggedstone 1

Raggedstone 1


Xilinx™ Spartan™-3 FPGA, in FG456 package. RS1-400 has XC3S400 fitted to the board. RS1-1500 has XC3S1500 fitted to the board.


32 bit, 33 MHz, 3.3/5V PCI interface.

Flash Memory

4Mbit Flash Memory

EEprom Memory

1 x 16KBit serial EEprom fitted.

Temperature Sensor

1 x LM75 Temperature Sensor fitted.

DIL Headers

2 sets of DIL Headers supporting DIL components or modules.

Segment Display

4 digit LED – removable to give extra I/O.


4 LEDs.

LVDS Clock Module Header

Supporting Enterpoint’s LVDS clock module. Header can also be used as I/O. Details here.

3V DIL Oscillator Socket

Takes 3.3V oscillator in 8 pin DIL size.

Push Switches

2 push switches fitted.


4 banks have a fixed I/O voltage of 3.3V. 4 banks individually support 2.5V / 3.3V or user supply by jumper selection.


User fit DCI resistors. VRN/VRP can also be used general I/O when not used for DCI.

User I/O

Large number of user I/O available.

Programming Cable

Raggedstone 1 ships with our free PROG2 programming cable. The is a Parallel Cable III look-alike and is detected by Xilinx tools as such. A 3M extension lead is available for £4. Our USB PROG3 cable is available at extra cost when purchasing a Raggedstone 1.