Xilinx™ Spartan-3™ FPGA, in FG456 package, fitted to the board. Available with XC3S1500 fitted. XC3S400, XC3S1000, XC3S2000 available as special build to order subject to a minimum order value and extended timescales.


32 bit, 33 MHz, 3.3/5V PCI interface. Interface is pinned out to use the Xilinx™ PCI core. Enterpoint PCI core also available.

CAN Transceivers

Two Philips CAN transceivers connected to the Spartan-3 FPGA.

Spartan-3 Bank I/O Voltages

All banks have an I/O voltage of 3.0V.

User I/O

124 user I/O available.

Programming Cable

Development versions of Mini-Can are supplied with our PROG2 programming cable. This cable is recognised by Xilinx tools as a Parallel Cable III. There is also an option to purchase with our PROG3 USB programming cable.

Derivative, Turnkey or Module Designs

We are happy to offer derivative designs of MINI-CAN to customers with special requirements. Subject to requirements and part availability we can usually deliver prototypes of turnkey custom designs in approximately 6 to 10 weeks. We can also offer custom expansion modules. We can usually deliver module prototypes in 2 to 4 weeks subject to part availability. Please ask for a quote if you are interested in these services.