Hollybush 2

Hollybush 2 is high performance, low power, DSP and general processing engine in a PC104 format. The large Spartan-3A DSP FPGA provides a programmable fabric capable of supporting several MicroBlaze, or similar, processor cores as well as custom DSP processing and general logic. Hollybush 2 has both ISA and PCI PC104 interface support but either, or both, of these interfaces can be converted to being a custom high bandwidth interfaces.

For High Performance Computing ( HPC ) applications Hollybush 2 boards can be stacked to form sequential, parallel, or combinational processing structures. Hollybush 2 can be used as a host processor board with standard PC104 cards as add-ons.

Hollybush 2 can support PCI grant/request cycles allowing bus mastering over the PCI interface.

Hollybush 2 is capable of operating as a PCI to ISA bridge and vice-versa allowing the reuse of existing legacy ISA cards in PCI based systems or conversely allowing the use of new PCI based cards in legacy ISA based PC104 systems.

Hollybush 2 is capable of operating as a stand alone board and can be supplied with short lead connectors to facilitate this mode of operation.

Board Features

Xilinx™ XC3SD3400A Spartan™-3A DSP FPGA. FPGA optimised for DSP operations or MicroBlaze™ processor designs.

Flash Memory
Two 128 Mbit SPI Flash Memories. First one is used for configuration but has spare space for microprocessor code etc.. Device 2 is totally independent and free to use.

DDR2 Memory
128MByte (option 256MByte) of DDR2 SDRAM configured as one bank 32 bit wide.

PCI104 Interface
32 bit, 33 MHz, 3.3/5V PC104+ interface (PCI) capable of being used for other bus standards or as 5V tolerant general I/O. There are 66 I/O available when used as general I/O.

PC104 Interface
8bit or 16bit ISA style bus supported. Capable of being used as other bus standards  or as 5V tolerant general I/O. There 90 I/O available when used as general I/O.

RS232 Interface
One RS232 interface on board. Baud rates up to 250 Kbit/s. 400 Kbit/s special build option available for OEM batch purchases. The interface supports 5 outputs and 3 inputs at RS232 levels. This can be used as a single port or as multiple ports.

RS485 Interface
Four RS485 bidirectional channels on board. Baud rates 10 Mbit/s per channel as standard. 32 Mbit/s special build option available for OEM batch purchases.

Two SATA channels on board provided by SIL3512 controller.  Controller accessed via internal PCI bus off FPGA.

Ethernet Interface
Intel™ 82551 combined MAC/PHY supporting 10/100T interface. Accessed via internal PCI bus off FPGA.

USB Host Interface
NXP™ ISP1160 USB Controller supporting USB 2.0 interface. Accessed via internal PCI bus off FPGA.

PS2 Interface
Two PS2 interfaces to support mouse and keyboard. If not used for PS2 eight 5V tolerant signals are available. Four of these signals have pullups to 5V to facilitate interfacing to 5V CMOS logic devices.

EEprom Memory
One 16 Kbit EEprom Memory.

Real Time Clock
DS1306 real time clock chip on board. Battery holder on board to support un-powered time keeping and data storage..

DIP Switches
Two 4 bit DIP switches available as inputs to the FPGA.

ZIF Expansion
ZIF socket to support ancillary items like keypads and displays. Supports 3 inputs and one bidirectional I/O. 5V, 3.3V and DGND (0V) are also available on the connector.

Power and  Ethernet port LEDs.

Fitted with 32MHz MHz 3.3V oscillator. Where possible we will be fitting a MEMS oscillator that is vibration tolerant for those difficult environments.

Clock Generator
Cypress Semiconductor CY22394 clock generator on board supporting multiple clock generation. Controlled by a SPI interface this offers a highly flexible clock source.

Power + Power Jack
Hollybush 2 has a 2.1mm Power Jack. This allows the board to operate from a single 5V input. A on-board regulator can deliver up to 6 amps for use on board or to power ancillary plug in cards. The board can also take, or feed, a single 5V or dual 5V/3V from PC104 and PCI104 connectors to power the board or to feed power to other boards. Hollybush 2 offers high performance processor and DSP capability with a significantly better power envelope than competing products. Capable of operating at extended temperatures without fans or heatsinks it offers a low mass solution to processing requirements.

Programming Cable
Hollybush 2 does not ship with a programming cable. Our PROG2 and adaptor are available for this board at GBP£15. The adaptor is necessary if you wish to Xilinx or other third party programming cables. The adaptor breaks out our on-board fine pitch connector into two Xilinx standard 2X7 JTAG connectors supporting JTAG and SPI Flash programming.

OEM Boards
Hollybush 2 can be supplied either as a raw un-programmed board (development board) or as fixed functionality board. As a un-programmed development board you are responsible for the FPGA internal design. As a fixed functionality board we deliver pre-programmed boards with a FPGA design by Enterpoint. Please ask for a quote for your exact requirements.

Derivative, Turnkey Designs and Licensing
We are happy to offer derivative designs of Hollybush 2, or expansion modules, to customers with special requirements. We can also license this board, or a derivative, for your own manufacture. Please ask for a quote if you are interested in these services or products.