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Hollybush 1

Hollybush 1

All variants are built to order – subject to lead time and minimum order quantity.

Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA, in FG456 package, fitted to the board. Available with XC3S400, XC3S1000, XC3S1500 or XC3S2000 fitted on base board. Expansion module with Virtex-II Pro XC2VP4 available shortly to give PowerPC processor and High Speed Serial Interfaces. Other modules under development.

PC104+ Interface
32 bit, 33 MHz, 3.3/5V PC104+ interface (PCI). Interrupts, IDSEL, bus request and grant are all selectable by solder bridge on the back of the board to reflect position in a stack of modules. Standard stock will be made for position 0. Please ask if you require a different position or other variation. We can supply an FPGA IP core for the PC104+ interface.

RS232 Interface
One RS232 Interface driver on board. More interfaces available using expansion modules. UART logic to be implemented in FPGA. More channels available using an expansion module.

RS485 Interfaces
Four RS485 half duplex transceivers available. Each is independent configurable and controllable. Optional terminator positions on board. UART logic to be implemented in FPGA. More channels available using an expansion module.

CAN Bus Interfaces
Two full duplex CAN Bus transceivers on board. CAN Bus logic to be implemented in FPGA. More channels available using an expansion module.

Flash Memory
4Mbit Flash Memory

EEprom Memory
1 x 16KBit serial EEprom fitted.

Temperature Sensor
LM75 temperature sensor fitted.

Expansion Headers
Supports 120+ I/O. user set power rail (1.22V to 4.3V), 3.3V rail available (20 pins). Expansion uses 2.54 mm (0.1 inch) headers and alignment for simple expansion.

4 LEDs.

LVDS Clock Module Header
Supporting Enterpoint’s LVDS clock module. Header can also be used as I/O.

Fitted with 32MHz 3.3V oscillator. Others at special request.

Spartan-3 Bank I/O Voltages
4 banks have a fixed I/O voltage of 3.3V. 4 banks individually support 2.5V / 3.3V or user supply by jumper selection. Other rails can be generated on-board and feed into the I/O Vcco. Please ask if this is a requirement for your project.

User fitted DCI resistors. VRN/VRP can also be used general I/O when not used for DCI. For OEM bulk buying the build specification can be modified to ensure that suitable resistors are hard soldered into the board instead of the general connector.

User I/O
Large number of user I/O available.

Expansion Modules
We are currently developing a range of modules to expand the capability of this board without taking more PC104+ positions. Please ask if you have a specific requirement.