Drigmorn 2

Drigmorn 2

The Drigmorn 2 is aimed at mixture of target markets including university and college teaching, industrial control, FPGA microprocessor development, and hobby electronics. The Drigmorn 2 benefits for a small size and low power consumption allowing it to operate from a laptop or other USB port without additional power supplies. These low power features allow operation from solar, water or wind power sources and/or batteries allowing remote location of the board.

Drigmorn 2 has mechanical holes allowing it to be mounted onto supporting metalwork or plastic chassis. We can also offer either BOM customised variants or full custom variants for OEM and other quantity sales.

Enterpoint’s extensive DIL Module range fit the standard 0.1 inch/2.54mm headers allowing a wide range of additional functionality to be added to the base board. These headers will also enable the use of stripboard add-ons for hobby, student or even professional lash up designs. 5V tolerance is standard on these headers allowing interfacing to 5V TTL logic. 5V CMOS logic levels can also be supported by adding pullup resistors to 5V.


Drigmorn 2 uses highly efficient switching regulators to minimise the input power requirements. The current does vary with speed and feature elements of your FPGA design but our simple traffic lights program loaded into the FPGA gives a 50-70mA draw on the 5V input. The 5V input is usually taken in through the USB connector allowing on the road use off a laptop without any extra power supplies. Some more extreme designs will need more that 100mA and users should check if their USB port maximum rating.  This will usually be either 100mA or 500mA. Powered USB hubs can offer a solution where a design needs more than 100mA and they usually have a 500mA capability (USB spec). USB power supplies are also now easy to obtain with outputs up to 1A. An alternate 5V pckup is also available for powering the board. Please see below.

5V Pickup

Drigmorn 2 has an ancillary 2 pin header site with DGND(0V) and 5V pickup points. This connector normally not fitted but can used as a power output or input depending on your design needs. The pickup point is aligned to the main DIL Headers on a 0.1 inch/2.54mm grid.


Drigmorn 2 comes fitted with XC3S700A-4FTG256C Spartan-3A fitted.  For OEM customers we can offer a range of alternatives XC3S400A-XC3S1400A as custom BOM variants.

Flash Memory

Drigmorn 2 has a M25P128 (128 Mbit) serial flash that is used for both configuration of the FPGA and for user application storage.

SDRAM Memory

Drigmorn 2 has a 256 Mbit, X32, SDRAM.


Drigmorn 2 has a 16×2 LCD display. There is an option to fit an IDC connector instead to run the display remotely. Please ask if this of interest.


4 sets of Traffic Lights and 1 single LED are available.

General I/O

40 general I/O that are 5V tolerant.


Drigmorn 2 has a FT232RQ interface for simple USB connection to a host PC.


Drigmorn 2 has a 25MHz oscillator on board.


Drigmorn 2 has 2 press switches and 1 rotary switch.

Programming Cable

Drigmorn 2 (non OEM only) comes with our PROG2 parallel port programming cable. Our USB PROG3 cable may be available as an alternative.


OEM pricing is available for larger quantity purchasing. We can offer customised variants on quantity orders.

We can offer OEM sales some BOM variants of the Drigmorn 2. Simple examples of these are (1) Replacing the LCD with an IDC boxed header (front or rear facing)  to allow either reuse of the LCD signals or to use the LCD remotely. (2) Replacing the DIL Headers with either pin header (front or back facing) or IDC boxed headers (rear facing only).

More complex BOM variants can also be offered to customise for cost, power, memory size etc..

We can also offer a full customised variant service where we take the basic Drigmorn 2 design and modify it to your requirements. There is no minimum order quantity for this service but there will be NRE, batch setup and procurement costs. The Drigmorn 2, or derivative, designs can also be licensed for your own manufacturing operations.