Drigmorn 1

Drigmorn 1


Drigmorn 1 comes fitted with either a 100,000 gate (Xilinx XC3S100E-4CPG132C) or 500,000 gate (Xilinx XC3S500E-4CPG132C) Spartan-3E fitted.

General I/O

32 general I/O that are 5V tolerant.


Drigmorn 1 have a M25P40 (4 Mbit) serial flash that is used for both configuration of the FPGA and for user application storage. Larger devices may be available for special requirements.


Drigmorn 1 modules have a 40MHz oscillator on board.


RS232 interface on board for communications or control.


Three LEDs.

Power Jack

Board operates with 2.1mm power jack.

Programming Cable

Drigmorn 1 comes with our PROG2 parallel port JTAG cable.

Power supply

We can offer a multi-country 5V supply with this board at GBP£5, US$10, 8Euro.

Serial Cable

We will be offering a serial cable to connect to a PC shortly. Price TBA.


Two pairs of signals on Drigmorn 1 general I/O should be capable of operating as LVDS pairs either input or output. These pairs appear on pins 7/8 and 16/17 of the gull wing headers. This feature is awaiting test and currently not as a result guaranteed.


We will be making available OVERCOAT and other pinning options to allow this board to be used as a coprocessor for our other development boards like Raggedstone 1/2 and Broaddown 2/3/4.

Larger memory options may also be available subject to extended lead time and minimum order quantity.