Polmaddie 2

Polmaddie 2

Board Features


PM2-128C is available now.


Price includes out Prog4 USB programming cable.

1 off – GPB£90

5 pack – GPB£400

10 pack – GPB£750

50 pack – GPB£3250

For 100, 250, 500 and 1000 off packs contact us for pack pricing.

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AlteraTM MAX3128.


Four sets of red, amber and green LEDs for traffic light labs and other applications. Also a power on LED.

USB Interface

One FT232RQ based interface. With driver appears as a serial port to use with HyperTerminal etc.. Board can be powered from the USB cable alone. When connected to a host PC or laptop a 48Mhz clock is available from the FT232RQ. This can also be configured using software available from FTDITM

I/O Headers

Three headers each supporting 20 I/O plus 3.3V and Gnd (0V). IDC headers facilitating use of ribbon cable. All 3 headers aligned on 0.1 inch / 2.54mm grid allowing mounting into strip-board and other prototype systems.

Oscillator Socket

Oscillator socket supporting 3.3V oscillators in 8 pin DIL (half size) format. FT232 USB chip can also provide clock if suitably programmed.


AlteraTM Quartus IITM Web Edition is free to download from AlteraTM.

OEM Boards

Custom versions of Polmaddie2 can be provided for extra NRE charge and unit cost. Please contact our board sales team for a quote.

Taxes and Duties

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Derivative, Turnkey Designs and Licensing

We are happy to offer derivative designs of Polmaddie2, or expansion modules, to customers with special requirements. We can also license this board, or a derivative, for your own manufacture. Please ask for a quote if you are interested in these services or products.

Polmaddie1 and Polmaddie3 offer a similar feature set to Polmaddie1 but with differing CPLD or FPGA technology.