Xilinx™ Spartan™-3A XC3S1000 FPGA.

PC104 Interface
8/16 bit ISA style PC104 capable of being used for other bus standards.

CAN Bus Interface
Four 82C527 CAN Bus controllers on board. Interfaced/controlled from FPGA. Magneto-isolated 82C51 drivers.

SCP Interface
MSM6636 driver on board. Magneto-isolated drive stage.

RS232 Interface
One magneto-isolated RS232 Interface on board. UART logic to be implemented in FPGA.

J1850 Interface
NXP semiconductors AU5783D controller supporting one interface. Magneto-isolated drive stage.

LIN Interface
Magneto-isolated dual interface supported.

ISO 9141 Interface
Two magneto-isolated TLE6258 drive stages. Logic to be implemented in FPGA.

Fitted with 32 MHz 3.3V oscillator. Others at special request.

DIP Switch
Fitted with 8 bit DIP switch in socket. Can be used for configuration or allows a 8 bit ancillary I/O.

12 LEDs available to use as indicators.