Craignell 2

Craignell 2 compliments our successful Craignell 1 family but with substantially increased capabilities over Craignell 1. Based on the Xilinx™ Spartan™-3A FPGA family the module offers logic capability of up to 1.4 million gates. Craignell 2 offers a long term production solution to your requirements. We expect to be able to offer this module, or a pin compatible replacement, until 2020 as minimum lifetime.

The primary target application of these modules is  focused on implementing embedding microcontrollers or microprocessors within the onboard FPGA. The targets can be modern microprocessors like PicoBlaze™ / MicroBlaze™ or older component replacements like 8088, Z90, 6502 or MC6809. These capabilities offers a system manufacturers obsolete component replacements or performance upgrade paths without costly re-layout of PCBs.

Other applications for these modules can use the extensive onboard SDRAM and Flash Memories. The high performance SDRAM is in a X32 organisation and sizes of up to 512Mbit size can be supported on these modules. Flash memories of up to 128Mbit are also supported. These features allow the storage and implementation  of code and data arrays for microcontroller and microprocessor applications. They also enable applications like Ultra Deep FIFOs, Ultra Deep Video Frame Buffers, High Speed Code Memory (cache features possible), and Data Traffic Shaping. The Flash Memory can also be used for Data Logging applications. Communications and protocol controllers are other applications for these modules.

As with Craignell 1 the I/O pins on this family both 5V tolerant and capable of driving 5V CMOS logic whilst operating at 5V. They also have a wide range of operation – from 3.6V to 5V approximately.

Initially the family is released in the 40 pin DIL, 15.24mm (0.6 inch) pitch, version. This is the smallest member of the family and pin counts of up to 68 pins are planned and in design. Please contact sales if you have a immediate requirement for larger pin counts or other features. If your requirement is for smaller pinouts please look at our Craignell 1 family.

Starter kits will be available for this module family enabling bench development and in-board debug support for code development and debug.

For OEM and large volume customers we will be offering a full BOM cost optimisation service subject to a minimum order quantity.

Academic pricing is also supported under our UAP program.

We can also offer turnkey solutions for obsolete or performance enhancement solutions. Our IP team will be pleased to quote for any requirements.

A development board format of this module family will be available shortly.


Craignell 2 modules can come with one of XC3S200AN, XC3S200A, XC3S400A, XC3S700A and XC3S1400A FPGAs. The XC3S700A is the standard part for development modules. Other options are special build to order items and may be subject to minimum order value / quantity. Normally C grades parts are fitted but I grade, or -5, grade are also available as special build options.


The following I/O are available on Craignell models.

CR2-40 – 38 user I/O (40 pin 0.6″(15.24mm) wide DIL).

CR2-48 – 46 user I/O (48 pin 0.6″(15.24mm) wide DIL).

Power Pins

Craignell can use a range of pins as 5V input and 0V / GND. These are selected using 0R 0201 resistor sites. On Craignell 2 – 40 as standard pin40 is made as 5V and pin 20 is made 0V / GND.

Craignell2-40 pins that can be 5V options – Pins 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 20, 21, 23, 26, 31, 40.

Craignell 2 – 40 pins that can be 0V / GND options – Pins 1, 7, 20, 21, 29, 30, 31.

On Craignelll 2 – 40 as standard pin 48 is made as 5V and pin 24 is made 0V / GND. Other options manufacturing options are available.

SDRAM Memory

Standard fit memory is a 256Mbit, 32 bit data path, SDRAM usually from Micron or ISSI. For special build we can offer the options of no SDRAM or sizes 64-512Mbit.

Flash Memory

Craignells have a 128 Mbit (M25P128), SPI Flash. This is used for both configuration of the FPGA and for user application storage. If a XC3S200AN is fitted then the entire SPI Flash is available for user storage.


Craignell modules have a 25MHz MEMS oscillator on board. We can offer other frequencies for OEM applications and special requirements.


Craignell 2 – 40 has a good capability as serialiser, deserialiser and general I/O expander. Pin pairs Pin2/3, Pin 4/5, Pin 15/16, Pin 22/23, Pin26/27 and Pin30/31 are particularly good for differential signalling applications with well matched trace runs and paths on the pcb. The Spartan 3A FPGA used on Craignell 2 has built in termination for LVDS and similar standard and can be enabled by programming.