Craignell 1

Craignell1-28/32/36/40(formerly models x/1/2/3) offer obsolete component replacements, component enhancements, or even simple FPGA prototype solutions. They come in industry standard DIL package outlines with 28, 32, 36, 40 pins. Operating from a single 3.3-5V supply the modules use bus switches to make all I/O 3.3V-5V tolerant. There are also pull-up resistors to the input voltage to ensure that outputs achieve 3.3V or 5V CMOS levels.

Typical applications might include replacing 16450, 16550, 8250, 2691, 2692 UARTS with higher speed alternatives. As an example Enterpoint’s SuperUART IP can provide a baud rate of between 0.000001 Baud and 7.5MBaud when used as part of FPGA design hosted on a Craignell1 module.

Other applications include embedded PicoBlaze™ and MicroBlaze™ microprocessors to provide powerful processing solutions.

For larger DIL40 applications Craignell 2 – 40 is now available.


Craignells come fitted with either a 100,000 gate (Xilinx XC3S100E) or 500,000 gate (Xilinx XC3S500E) Spartan-3E fitted.


The following I/O are available on Craignell models.

CR28 – 26 user I/O. (28 pin 0.6″(15.24mm) wide DIL)

CR32 – 30 user I/O. (32 pin 0.6″(15.24mm) wide DIL)

CR36 – 34 user I/O. (36 pin 0.6″(15.24mm) wide DIL)

CR40 – 38 user I/O. (40 pin 0.6″(15.24mm) wide DIL)


Craignell 1s have a M25P40 (4 Mbit) serial flash that is used for both configuration of the FPGA and for user application storage. Larger devices may be available for special requirements.


Craignell1 modules have a 40MHz oscillator on board.