Enterpoint offers a number of services in support of MicroBlaze . Whether you want one of our add-prom-and-go designs, or integration of MicroBlaze into your own design, a training course or simple consultancy we have the service for you.

MicroBlaze offers system designers a new way of thinking about embedded processors. One of the biggest contrasts to the traditional microcontroller is that peripherals can be added to suit a system’s requirements rather choosing the nearest best of a given microcontroller range. You can also generate your own custom peripherals. Ever said that I wish that I had a XXX? Now you can do it with MicroBlaze .

MicroBlaze now has support build in for multiple-microcontroller designs where tasks can be split between microcontrollers. There are fast links to support the piping of data between MicroBlazes. This scaling is only limited by the size of your FPGA and your imagination.

Obsolecence is traditionally a big problem. Recently a well known name in the business dropped most of its 8 bit microcontroller range. Very bad news for some customers. FPGA based processors offer a long life option. FPGA families typically have a much longer life than traditional microcontrollers and peripherals. Even if a particular FPGA family did go obsolete then the designer has options. It is usually possible to port a design to a newer, or different, family which would probably also probably faster and cheaper than the original. Enterpoint has already done family ports for PicoBlaze , a little brother product of MicroBlaze . In these cases the ports have not been for obsolescence but merely to transfer the technology to a previously un-supported device family.

With the introduction of the Spartan-3 family MicroBlaze has become highly competitive in cost sensitive applications. It can in high volume applications have an effective cost of $0.75. Even for low volume the effective cost will be around the 2 or 3 dollars mark which is still hard to beat.

MicroBlaze now supports a number of operating systems aiding portability of software. Gone, hopefully, are the days of expensive and problematic software ports.

You may even wish to blend a MicroBlaze with 8051’s, 8086’s, PicoBlaze in a combined design to support old code in one FPGA device. There are a number of 8051 and 8086 compatible cores available from various vendors. Enterpoint offers integration and design services for these cores should you wish this type of blended architecture.

Implement your MicroBlaze solution in a pb-free FPGA and you don’t have a RoHS problem for your processor. Enterpoint can offer guidence on part selection for a lead free solution.

Enterpoint is currently developing OPB bus based intellectual property which is aimed at MicroBlaze and PowerPC processors. SuperUart will be the first product to directly support these processors. More OPB / PLB intellectual property to be announced shortly. We can provide design support and integration services for any FPGA embedded processors please see our Design Services section.

For more information MicroBlaze please visit the Xilinx website here.

For real time OS have a look here.

If you are interested in running Linux on MicroBlaze please visit here and here.

We will holding MicroBlaze seminars in the UK in the from time to time. We will also present these seminars at customer, or potential customer, offices. Please contact us if you are interested a site presentation.

A MicroBlaze lab is now available for our Raggedstone1 development board. Details on the Raggedstone 1 product page here.