Merrick 3

Merrick 3


Merrick 3 is Enterpoint’s latest platform for High Performance Computing applications. Based on the PCI Express card format it can be used with a PC, industrial motherboard, Enterpoint’s USB expander box, or even stand alone in a rack or on the bench. Using Xilinx™ Spartan™-6 FPGAs it offers high performance computation results in a low power package.

Used in a conventional personal computer the Merrick 3 can be used like any plug in card and can return calculation performances up to 10000X  that of the host microprocessor. Several cards can be used in tandem to further increase performance and the product supports a dedicated high speed interconnection to other Merrick 3 cards and other supporting products.

BLOCK DIAGRAM (simplified)

Merrick 3 Connections

Principal Features.

24 array FPGAs – Choice of XC6SLX45, XC6SLX75, XC6SLX100 or XC6SLX150.

Up to 180 DSP48 (18×18 multiplier + adder + accumulator) slices per array FPGA.

Up to 184K flip-flops  per array FPGA.

Up to 147K logic elements per array FPGA.

Up to 268 block SRAMs (18Kb) per array FPGA.

16 DDR3 memories X16 interface at 625-800 Mbits/s –  Choice of 1Gbit to 4 Gbit DDR3 or no-fit for cost reduction on large systems.

Communications FPGA supports PCIe interface – 200 Mbytes/s data transfer to and from host motherboard.

Expansion interface supporting 800 Mbytes/s to or from other boards in your computing stack.

On card storage of multiple FPGA images.

Entire FPGA array reconfiguration in 0.25s (unique bitstreams).

Entire FPGA array reconfiguration in 0.06s (sets of 4 FPGAs with same bitstreams).

Single array FPGA reconfiguration possible.

72A core voltage power supply, 12A DDR3 core voltage, 12A for I/O.

Patch routing FPGA allows data and parameter passing within the array.

Bitstream protection features.

Adjacent FPGA routing structure.

Flow through algorithm processing supported.

Parallel algorithm processing supported.

Hybrid algorithm processing support.

Custom IP supported by Enterpoint’s expert FPGA design team.

Custom versions of PCB and IP to suit  your application.

Custom driver development available from Enterpoint.

Optional thermal back for indirect cooling