High Performance Computing Solutions

Enterpoint offers a unique selection of FPGA based HPC and acceleration solutions that in most cases outperform GPU or processor based HPC products. FPGA acceleration solutions can offer acceleration factors of up to 10,000X the performance of a standard PC processor and less dramatically substantial improvements in the very wide band of applications. FPGAs can also offer lower power solutions with consequent lower running costs in electricity, housing, and cooling systems. Lower noise levels and smaller sizes are also often benefits to a FPGA HPC system.

Enterpoint can offer acceleration and High Performance solutions from as small as 1 FPGA through to large systems consisting of 1 million, or more, FPGAs. Our consultation services can identify which of our products can help you most to achieve your processing goals and identify the benefits to your system.

FPGAs based HPC systems can also offer localised data pre-processing in land vehicles, aircraft, ships and even man carried applications for fast results or for the reduction, or conservation, of communications link bandwidth. Often GPU and processor systems are often not viable in these applications due to power requirements, heat dissipation, size and weight.

FPGAs offer some uniquely long lifetimes to the long term manufacture and maintaining of HPC systems. Unlike GPUs and general processor chips FPGAs tend to be available for 10-15+ years making long term projects highly viable. FPGAs also offer an easy migration process where a logic function defined today can be easy mapped into a new FPGA part in future years for high performance, lower power and low costs.

We are often asked by customers what sort of systems can be accelerated by FPGA technology and these include:

Biometric processing for Homeland Security and Other Identification System.

Seismic Modelling and Analysis for Oil and Gas Exploration.

Financial Trading Solutions and Analysis.

Pharmacology Research.

Data Mining

High Speed Database Search.

Pattern Matching and Scoring.

Image processing and recognition

Particle Analysis

The above application list is not exhaustive and new applications appear every day. If you are unsure about the application to your processing please ask our HPC team for an opinion. Enterpoint already offers a range of products to obtain your processing answer quickly and in the most cost effective manner. We can also offer fully customised hardware engines and turnkey development and or conversion of algorithms into FPGA code to ease your path into the world of FPGA High Performance Computing.

Little System Components

Our small scale systems components often only comprise of between 1-10 FPGAs but can make a vast improvement in system performance. They are also good in operating in embedded applications where tradition processing techniques are too big, too power thirsty or simple impossible to do by any other technique.

Big System Components

Enterpoint’s large system components are designed to stack from 1 board to 10,000+ boards scaling to the system size you need. Fast bandwidth dedicated interlinks form the heart of these solutions backed up by high bandwidth external world connections.

Real World I/O Solutions

Unlike many competing solutions Enterpoint offers a wide range of real world I/O interfacing for data and sensor input and outputs for real world control.

HPC Board Products