Raggedstone 3

 Board Features

Altera™ Cyclone™-IV GX FPGA EP4CGX110CF23 or EP4CGX150CF23 fitted.

PCI Express Interface
4 lane PCIe Gen1 (2.5 GBits-raw) interface.  Cyclone-IV GX FPGA has hard PCIe core supporting X4 configuration.

SPI Flash Memory/Parallel Flash Memory
Four 128Mbit SPI Flash Memory, or single Parallel Flash, used for configuration. Remainder of device available for code and data storage. MAX II™ CPLD used for configuration control.

DDR2 Memory
Two 512 Gbit, X16, DDR2 SDRAM memory fitted.

USB Interface
USB interface based on FT232. Can be used as serial port.

EEprom Memory
1 x 16KBit serial EEprom fitted.

Temperature Sensor
1 x LM75 Temperature Sensor fitted.

DIL Headers
2 sets of DIL Headers supporting DIL components or modules. Each DIL header supports 60 I/O with LVDS support and paired pinout. DGND and 3.3V also available on each header. DIL Headers can take Enterpoint standard expansion modules.

Segment Display
4 digit LED – removable to give extra I/O.

4 LEDs.

LVDS Clock Module Header
Supporting Enterpoint’s LVDS clock module. Header can also be used as I/O.

3V DIL Oscillator Socket
Takes 3.3V oscillator in 8 pin DIL size.

Push Switches
2 push switches fitted.

Individual DIL Header selectable voltages for I/O. DDR2 bank I/O fixed at 1.8V.

Programming Cable
PROG4 USB programming cable available with board.