SPI Flash, DIP Switches, Push Switches + Ewire Module


This module supports Raggedstone and Broaddown families and provides add-on Flash Memory, DIP Switches, Push Switches and Ewire Interfaces.

Flash Memory

Nymonix (ST Microelectronics) M25P32 32 Mbit SPI flash memory fitted. Sizes up to 128 Mbit may be available on special order subject to minimum order value.

DIP Switches

Two sets of 8 dip switches available.

Push Switches

5 push switches available.

Ewire Interfaces

Three Ewire non-isolated interfaces available. Ewire uses low cost SATA cabling to support low and predictable latency LVDS data transmission. Each interface supports 2 LVDS channels. Speed of the interface is determined by the FPGA on the hosting board but speeds upwards of 550Mbits/s per channel are possible. These interfaces can also be configured and used for lower speed single ended LVTTL operation.