Raggedstone 5

Raggedstone 5

Raggedstone 5 is a high performance PCI Express™  add-on card with a high user I/O count aimed at modular product development. The Raggedstone 5 offers a performance upgrade to our popular Raggedstone 2 offering a larger on-board DDR3 memory and a higher performance x4 Gen 1/2 PCIe™ interface.

The DIL Headers of Raggedstone 5 are mechanically compatible to Raggedstone 2 and continue to offer LVDS support as well as single ended I/O support. I/O bank voltage is also selectable.

Enterpoint offers a wide range of standard modules for the DIL Headers and can also offer a fast turn design and manufacture service for custom I/O and processing requirements.

Principal Features.

PCIe – x4, Gen 1/2, PCI Express interface with up to 1.6 GByte/s in TX and RX directions.

FPGA – Xilinx™ Artix™ XC7A200T.

Flash Memory – 128 Mbit W25Q128 serial flash normally fitted.

DDR3 Memory – 2 banks each with 1 GByte in a X32 interface configuration.

SATA – 3 SATA connectors wired direct to FPGA.

Display – 4 digit, 7 segment, display.

EEprom Memory – 24C16 EEprom.

LEDs – 4 LEDs.

DIL HEADER – 2 DIL Headers each with 68 single ended I/O or 34 LVDS pairs. Selectable bank voltages from 3.3V, 2.5V or user (needs plug in module or feed).

USB – FT232RQ interface for simple USB connection to a host PC.

Oscillator – Fixed 50MHz MEMS oscillator on board. High quality 150MHz MEMS oscillator on-board. Header for DIL (3.3V) oscillator or build option fixed oscillator.

Input Power – Can operate from single 12V supply with the input taken from PCIe™ connector, 2.1mm jack or Molex™ connector.

Power Supplies – 30A core voltage supply for FPGA. 12A power supply for 3.3V for use by FPGA and modules running in DIL Headers

SATA Controller

LogicDesignSolutions has created a SATA 3 Host Controller IP core for the Raggedstone 5. For more information, click here.