HSOPTIC 1 FMC Optical Module


Avago® Mini-POD® Optical Solution
Altera® Arria®-V GZ FPGA
12 Lane 120 Gbit/s Optical TX I/F
12 Lane 120 Gbit/s Optical RX I/F
512MB X16 DDR3 Memory
Altera Enpirion® Power Solution
FMC High Speed 10 Lane TX I/F (PCIe Capable)
FMC High Speed 10 Lane RX I/F (PCIe Capable)
FMC LA I/F—34 Pairs LVDS
FMC HA I/F—24 Pairs LVDS
FMC HB I/F—22 Pairs LVDS
Battery Holder + Local JTAG Connector

HSOPTIC 1 uses Avago® Mini-POD® optical technology to create an optical interface supporting 12 lanes of TX data and 12 lanes of RX data with each lane is capable of running up to 10.3125GHz. Coupled with an on-board high performance. Arria-V GZ FPGA the module offers a significant data transport and processing capability. This on-board FPGA can be used for a multitude of functions including channel bonding and splitting, add/drop mux structures, line monitoring and packet checking, compression and decompression functions, and encryption and decryption of data.
The module also has a DDR3 memory which can be used for a range of processing and storage applications.
The VITA57 compliant FMC interface of the module offers a range of data interface options. The LA, HA and HB interfaces are fully connected to the Arria-V GZ FPGA giving 80 LVDS pairs available for data transport. The FMC high speed interface supports 10 lanes in each direction and is also connected to the Arria-V GZ FPGA. The HSOPTIC 1 supplies clocks to the carrier card.