Raggedstone 4

Update: Linux image now available to download.

Raggedstone 4


x4 PCI Express™ Form Factor
x4 Gen 1 (Gen 2 possible) PCIe Interface
Altera® SOC with twin ARM® Cortex™-A9
Linux™ operating system support
HPS boot from SPI Flash or SDcard
Header for remote Reset Switches
110K LE of Programmable Logic
1 GByte DDR3
2 x SPI Flash
1 x 10/10/1000 Ethernet
1 x H/W MAC Address
1 x Real Time Clock
1 x 7 Segment LED Display
2 x DIL Header for add-on modules with 3.3V available for module power.
2 x Push Switches
4 LEDs
1 x MMC/SD® Card Socket
Single 12V power input taken from 2.1MM Jack, Disk drive Connector or PCIe Interface

Raggedstone 4 is aimed at applications that need a hardware acceleration function, a custom I/O or interface requirement, a high accuracy interface timing function, high bandwidth input to a PC, or any combination of these features.
Raggedstone 4 normally operates inside a host PC plugged into a PCI Express slot. However it can also run as a standalone board powered through the 2.1mm jack or disk drive connector with a single 12V input.
The marriage of the powerful dual core ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor, a user programmable FPGA fabric and the Linux™ operating system make the Raggedstone 4 a very cost effective, high performance, low power, computing platform.

Typical Applications

Embedded computing

Video Processing and Display

Data Capture and Storage

Industrial Control

Custom Interface and Pre-processing

Custom and High Performance ADC and DAC Interfaces.

DIL Header Expansion

Enterpoint’s DIL Module range offers a number of interface expansion options. Depending on the sizes of modules fitted one or more modules can be fitted in each of the Raggedstone 4 DIL Headers. A wide range of module functions are available in-cluding ADC, DAC, RS232, RS485, Opto-Isolated I/O, Touchscreen LCD and camera module.

OEM and Customised Options

As with all Enterpoint products the Raggedstone 4 design can either be offered in a custom BOM configuration or even a fully customised derivative product to suit individual customer needs. We can offer customised options for customers with very low annual volumes from 10 units+. We can also supply large volumes if required.
We can also offer an ultra-fast turn design and manufacture service for custom DIL Header modules.
If any of these custom options are of interest please contact us on boardsales@enterpoint.co.uk.