Mulldonoch 3

Update: Linux image now available to download.

Mulldonoch 3 Rev 2

Mini-ITX Board Format

Altera® SOC with twin ARM® Cortex™-A9

Linux™ OS

110K LE of Programmable Logic

1 GByte DDR3

2 x SPI Flash

1 x Displayport (Needs additional FPGA IP)

2 x 10/10/1000 Ethernet

6 + 2 x Host USB3 I/F

1 x PCIe® Socket

2 x Mini-PCIe® Socket

1 x Mezzanine Expansion I/F

1 x FT232R USB Slave I/F

1 x RS232 Serial Port

1 x Real Time Clock

1 x MMC/SD® Card Socket

2 x CANBus™ (May need license)


Opto-isolated GPIO

ATX PSU Power Input

12V 2.5MM Jack Power Input

Alternative 7-24V DC power input for Solar.

Wind, Vehicle or Battery Operation.

Auto-changeover of Power Inputs.

Mulldonoch 3 aims to do all the normal things you expect of a motherboard with a baseline of a dual core ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor, the Linux™ operating system, and a fast bring up of your basic system. An Altera® SoC couples the dual A9 cores with programmable hardware acceleration of heavyweight software routines and algorithms allowing this SOC based motherboard to boost performance by up to x10 that of competing conventional motherboards and processors.
The advantages of Mulldonoch 3 does not end there. Using ultra-high speed PCI Express® links as an interconnect Mulldonoch 3 offers an extensive expansion capability with standard Mini-PCIe® card sockets and a standard x4 PCI Express® socket.
A further high bandwidth custom expansion interface supports Enterpoint products off the shelf and full custom mezzanine boards for those unusual applications where standard expansion cards don’t meet requirements. More mundanely the product can support human interface and industrial control panels through simple GPIO, opto-isolated GPIO and internal USB3 features.


Typical Applications

Embedded computing

Video Processing and Display

Data Capture and Storage

Industrial Control

Communications Consoles

Mobile Computing Platforms

Mobile HPC Applications

Automotive Infotainment

Custom and High Performance ADC and DAC Interfaces.

Mulldonoch 3 Expansion

Mulldonoch 3 Rev 2 + MSATA SSDs

Mulldonoch 3 Block Diagram

Mulldonoch 3 Block Diagram

The blend of industrial orientated and standard features make Mulldonoch 3 a good solution for many industrial applications even on its own. However, sometimes that is not enough and Mulldonoch 3 offers a wide range of expansion options to provide extra processing or I/O capabilities via conventional expansion sockets and further custom expansion options.
The first expansion option is the traditional x4 PCI Express® socket and it can take conventional PCIe® cards for low cost standard card add-ons or advanced options like Enterpoint’s Raggedstone 3 FPGA boards.
The second expansion option uses one or both of the available Mini-PCIe® sockets to host industry standard Mini-PCIe® cards. These cards can offer an extensive range of options including graphics, SATA, SSD, RS232 and Ethernet. In the near future Enterpoint will also offer FPGA acceleration modules in this format.
When standard cards don’t meet requirements, Enterpoint’s mezzanine add-ons can solve the problem. We will be offering a range of off the shelf and full custom mezzanines to accompany Mulldonoch 3. Enterpoint can offer a fast turn design and manufacture service for your custom mezzanine requirements.

OEM and Customised Options

The Mulldonoch 3 design allows it to be a system development board but its versatility does not stop there. Without the pain of porting software and FPGA fabric designs your Mulldonoch 3 development platform can seamlessly transform into being your long term system motherboard. Its Mini-ITX board format allows it to be used with a wide range of low cost standard cases for the desktop, rack, or vehicle applications and if that is not enough, Enterpoint can also offer customised Bill Of Materials and PCB options for customers with annual volume needs as low as 10 or as high as 1 million.