Larg 2

Larg 2

SoM DIMM Board Format

Altera SoC with ARM® Cortex™-A9

Linux™ operating system support

Processor boot from SPI Flash or SD card

3 x LEDs (HPS Controlled)

1 x H/W MAC Address

1 x Battery Holder

1 x Remote Reset Switch Header

1 x Push Switch For Warm Reset

25K (Opt 40/85/110K) LE Programmable Logic

512 MByte DDR3

2 x SPI Flash

1 x FT232 USB I/F supporting Debug COM port

 1 x 25 MHz Oscillator (HPS I/P)

132 x FPGA I/O (DIMM)

4 x Expander I/O (DIMM)

1 x Expander Interrupt (I/O Event)

4 x Single / 2 Differential Clock O/P (DIMM)

1 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet I/F (DIMM)


2 x I2C I/F (DIMM)

1 x SPI I/F (DIMM)

3 x LEDs (HPS Controlled)

1 x MicroSD® Card Socket

Main Power Input 7-28V (5V Option)

I/O Power Input Provided From Host (1.8-3.3V)

Larg 2 is aimed at control applications either in standalone operation or slaved to a hosting device (e.g. via USB COM or Ethernet interfaces). The marriage of the powerful dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, a user programmable FPGA fabric and Linux operating systems make the Larg 2 a very cost effective, high performance, high accuracy, and low power computing platform.

The small 52mm x 134mm (2.0” x 5.3”) size of the Larg 2 allows it to fit into those often small corners of your system enclosure. The wide range power input has enough compliance range to allow stable operation from a small stack of standard batteries for this remote location applications.

Larg 2 can offer high accuracy control not possible in a more generic processing systems. The large array of I/O direct from FPGA part of the Altera SoC allows the timing of signals to resolution of a few nanoseconds for those ultra-critical functions.

Larg 2 + Larg Breakout Board