Drigmorn 5

Drigmorn 5


Small Form Factor Board Format
Altera® SOC with twin ARM® Cortex™-A9
Linux™ operating system support
HPS boot from SPI Flash or SDcard
1 x Real Time Clock with Battery Holder
Headers for remote Reset Switches
110K LE of Programmable Logic
512 MByte DDR3
2 x SPI Flash
1 x 10/10/1000 Ethernet
1 x H/W MAC Address
1 x FT4232 USB I/F supporting 2 COM ports (HPS UARTs) and JTAG functions
16×2 LCD Display
1 x Temperature Sensor
1 x Accelerometer
1 x EEprom for parameter storage
1 x DIL Header for add-on modules with 3.3V available for module power.
IDC I/O Header for remote control panel
2 x Push Switches
4 DIP Switches
4 sets of Traffic Light LEDs
1 x MMC/SD® Card Socket
1 x CANBus™ (May need license)
Single 4-5.5V power input taken from 2.1MM Jack or USB Connector

Drigmorn 5 is aimed at local control applications either in standalone operation or slaved to a hosting device via it’s FT4232 USB interface. The marriage of the powerful dual core ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor, a user programmable FPGA fabric and Linux™ operating system make the Drigmorn 5 a very cost effective, high performance, low power, computing platform.
The small 72mm x 135mm (2.8” x 5.3”) size of the Drigmorn 5 allows it to fit into those often small corners of your system enclosure. The single 5V input has enough compliance range to allow stable operation from a small stack of standard batteries for remote location applications.
Operating as a slave device Drigmorn 5 can offer high accuracy control not possible in a more generic processing system. With the addition of our optional battery backup module, and battery, it is also possible to maintain the control function when mains electricity fails or is not available e.g. solar powered.

Enterpoint’s DIL Module range offers a number of interface expansion options. Depending on the sizes of modules fitted one or more modules can be fitted in the Drigmorn 5 DIL Header. A wide range of module functions are available including ADC, DAC, RS232, RS485, Opto-Isolated I/O, Touchscreen LCD and camera module.


Typical Applications

Embedded Computing

Remote Location Data Capture and Storage

Industrial Control

Human Interface Functions.

Motor Control

Automotive Control

OEM and Customised Options

As with all Enterpoint products the Drigmorn 5 design can either be offered in a custom BOM configuration or even a fully customised derivative product to suit individual customer needs. We can offer customised options for customers with very low annual volumes from 10 units+. We can also supply large volumes if required.
We can also offer an ultra-fast turn design and manufacture service for custom DIL Header modules.