LTC2282, LTC2284, LTC2290-9 Module

LTC2248 Module

The LTC2284 module can be supplied fitted with of a range of dual channel ADC chips fitted. The standard option is fitted with a LTC2292 which offers 40MS/s sampling with 12 bit resolution. Options for the ADC chip fitted as follows:

105Msps: LTC2282 (12-Bit), LTC2284 (14-Bit)

80Msps: LTC2294 (12-Bit), LTC2299 (14-Bit)

65Msps: LTC2293 (12-Bit), LTC2298 (14-Bit)

40Msps: LTC2292 (12-Bit), LTC2297 (14-Bit)

25Msps: LTC2291 (12-Bit), LTC2296 (14-Bit)

10Msps: LTC2290 (12-Bit), LTC2295 (14-Bit)

Main features of this module:

AC coupled, 50 ohm terminated

Dual Channel

ADC options 10-105 MS/s, 12-14 bit resolution.