Intellectual Property

CRC Generators/Checkers

Our CRC products are highly optimised for high speed at small size. Currently we have produced IP with data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s. However our technique allows further scaling of data rate at the cost of some extra logic. Conversely size can be reduced at the cost of speed. Please ask for specific requirements. Our generators and checkers include the following CRC types (others available on request):

CRC32 Checker/Generators
CRC16 Checker/Generators
CRC10 (ATM) Checker/Generators
CRC8 (ATM HEC) Checker/Generators

Isolating Data Links

High Data Rate Isolation Links are under development.

Processors and Peripherals

In addition to offering speed optimisations for PicoBlazeTM the following Intellectual Property is available:

SuperUart (0.001 Baud to 7.5 MBaud – 16550 driver compatible)
DDR Controllers (DDR I /II memory)
IIC Controllers
DMA Controllers


We have a variety of Intellectual Property available in the following areas:

Multiple Channel Genlock
Picture in Picture (currently under development)