Design Rescue

This service is aimed at customers with an existing design which requires further engineering effort in order to meet the original specification. Whether an existing design needs work in order to reduce production costs, increase design performance, reduce timescales or just simply does not work. We take the existing design and make all of the changes necessary to ensure that all of the specification requirements and design requirements are met. We offer design rescue in two main forms. These options are our “No Fix No Fee Rescue” and “Helping Hand Rescue”.

No Fix No Fee Rescue

This service does exactly what it says and if we don’t fix it we don’t get paid. For this service to work we usually need high visibility of the customer design from which we will make a preliminary evaluation. Based on the evaluation, and customer specification, we then give the customer a written quote. The quote will specify, the fix fee, what is being fixed, and any potential limitations of the fix. A typical limitation of this service could be third party Intellectual Property that we can’t modify or improve without involving a room full of lawyers

Helping Hand Rescue

This service is aimed a helping customers identify and fix their design and can be viewed as a blend between consultancy and redesign. The blend is dependent on an individual customer and could include a training course to avoid similar issues in the future. Usually this type of rescue is charged at a hourly rate possibly with an hours limit set by your project manager.