Our business specialises in applying, supplying and supporting FPGA, CPLD and ASIC technologies. Our aim, to help our customers to make best use of the technology in their application. Our business model is tailored individually to each customer and depends on their needs and requirements.

We have produced and assisted in designs ranging in size from CPLDs to the largest available FPGAs and we can achieve frequencies in excess of 10Ghz. Our assistance can range from something simple like a day’s training course on basics to a full outsourcing of a complex turnkey electronics and software design.

We are members of both Xilinx’s Alliance program and Altera’s ACAP program and as such we do a large range of designs. When we are designing solutions we will work with the customer and their preferred technology.

ASIC Prototypes
With this service we can take your existing ASIC or FPGA design code and port the design to a target of single or multiple FPGAs. This service includes partitioning and/or modification. advise on making you design stable in the FPGA environment. The target can be either a customer board, a custom target designed by Enterpoint, a prototyping board, or a  third party target. In SoC designs we can offer a real world analogue interfaces modelling the real world for these integrated designs.

 Architecture and Algorithm Design
We can utilize our experience in order to provide you with a system architecture best suited to your individual project needs. We can provide you with the most suitable architecture to achieve the price / performance compromise that you require. We are also able to create and advise on algorithms to implement a wide range of functions meeting any specifications that an individual project may have. We can take these algorithms and provide full VHDL or Verilog code describing the implementation. If necessary we can go on to turn the design code into functioning hardware as per your exact needs.

Component Price Negotiation
Offering our unbiased experience in FPGA pricing we can work with your distributor and buying department to get you quoted prices down. You may wish to use this service with our “Design Pricing and Cost Reduction” services and may of particular use to companies operating in the mid-volume area. If you are in a very low volume or long lifetime product you may wish to consider using Component Replacement Modules.

Design Pricing and Cost Reduction
We can price you design for prototype or production. We can also offer “Managed Manufacturing” delivering a turnkey product to you. Cost Reduction of customer designs can be achieved in a number of ways. It might be as simple as “Component Price Negotiation” or migrating your current design to newer and cheaper devices. Alternatively we can work on your designs to reduce size or speed grade thereby reducing cost and in some cases customer inventory. In mid to high volume products this service can save clients considerable costs and improves their bottom line.  Our pricing for this service can be on a standard fee basis or on a percentage fee based on savings made i.e. no save, no fee.

Feasibility Studies
If you are considering a new design or project we can help with a feasibility study for you. Our experience in the electronic system design arena means that we are well placed to offer accurate assessments of a projects long term feasibility. We will look at all aspects of a potential design or project to determine the most cost-effective way forward. We are able to make hardware component recommendations along with a full costing of the entire design process.

Full Design Flow
With this service we deliver a finished design to you. This can be delivered at any level from prototype to fully tested product.

Managed Manufacturing and Repair
With this service we organise manufacture and/or repair of you products.

Obsolete Component Replacement
This service is aimed at extending the lifetime, support and repair of existing PCB designs. Essentially we design a functional equivalent, to the obsolete component, in a FPGA or CPLD technology.  If possible we find a FPGA/CPLD with a pinout similar enough to the original device to use on the existing PCB. If this is not possible we can offer our “Component Replacement Modules”. Alternatively this service may be used to increase performance of an existing system component. It is often possible to take components of say 10 years ago and produce an equivalent design with 10 (or more) times performance in a FPGA or CPLD design. This provides obvious benefits in terms of cost reduction if an older system can be implemented in a single device, as well as possibly extending the shelf life of a system by increasing performance.

We can offer a wide range of outsourcing services.  Whether you just want to outsource a CPLD design or want a complete turnkey manufactured system we will meet you needs with our flexible approach to contracts.

Part Selection
With this service we advise customers of the most suitable parts for their application.

Training course are either based on materials that we have used before or can be customer specific. They are held at customer sites or at our offices. We can also deliver these courses as part of a consultancy contract. In this case a course can be delivered over a number of days, weeks or even months with the course intermingled with our other services.  Please ask for your specific requirements.